Friday, October 23, 2009

JL S/S 2010 Preview

(Lookbook photos the property of J. Lindeberg)

It's all in the details for JL spring/summer '10 gear. The Trevone pant and Tivone short feature contrast pick-stitching along the pocket with a strip of matching fabric lining the pockets. Very cool and totally unique in the golf market.
They've also redone two of our favorite JL warhorses - the Lachlan and the Lewis - in cotton instead of polyester, which is always a preferable change for us purists.

We're also really digging the color schemes. Love that electric blue running rampant through the collection (the bold stripe sweater pictured above is a personal favorite) and its powdery blue counterpart. The bright red and the cruise green/softer green combinations are bold and sophisticated. The several shades of brown keep things grounded; while whites, grays and blacks are expected and work to fill the bottom end.  

With continually great clothing and the addition of their new golf shoe, JL is looking head-to-toe-tough heading into next year. What else should we expect from the company that started this whole 'modern golf style' thing?

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Heather said...

Hubbie always looks for Lindeberg under the tree. I'm thinking new shoes and a pair of of the contrasting pick-stitching pants. His b'day is just a few days before Christmas too. I always worry about buying things he can't use until spring comes. If it says JL it doesn't seem to matter.

The Khaki Crusader said...

haha, hubbie is a guy after my own heart. the pants arent in stores quite yet anyway, so maybe an IOU under the tree and something to look forward to.