Friday, October 9, 2009

Presidents Cup - Day 1 - Apparel Watch

(Photos the property of Reuters Photos/AP Photo and Getty Images)

Day 1 team looks - quick recap: slight edge to the Americans, which is rare in recent years. I liked the professional look of the gray pinstriped trouser with the bold, red sweaters. Classic.
The International's polo shirts were a bit busy for my taste and I think, in team events, simplicity is going to succeed every time. The Sunday yellow shirts look really clean and fantastic - looking forward to those.
Obviously, fit varied by player and remained fairly consistent with their usual wardrobes on Tour; Camilo had his trademark shorter, bicep-hugging sleeves, Tiger could fit Y.E. Yang in his pants with him, Anthony Kim favored trimmer, younger cuts, Ryo's personal style continues to shine through, etc. etc.
Play-wise, the Americans look tough, but part of the reason why these team events are so thrilling, is you can just never tell...



Heather said...

I liked the Internationals argyle. A little more fun, but still classic IMHO.

The Khaki Crusader said...

I'm with you on the idea, Heather. It's definitely more exciting. I just think the follow through could have been better-looking. Let's face it, captains are putting so much more emphasis on team uniforms now than they used to and that is great regardless of the outcome.

julie said...

hey crusader..who is the manufacturer for the american's clothing?

The Khaki Crusader said...


ashworth made the knits and golf shirts, elevee provided the pants.



Milind said...

Do you know where we can buy these polos/sweaters? The ones on the PGA site are not the same

Milind said...


Do you have any idea where I can but these polos/sweaters? The ones on the PGA site are horrid :)



Hack said...

I think Sunday went to the INTL's apparel anyway.

Anonymous said...

I would like to buy the blue/red jackets that they had on sunday. Beautiful stuff.