Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Diamonds are Fore-ever?

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It's argyle everywhere at the Presidents Cup; where the International squad will sport the pattern two, and possibly three, days during the competition. The Americans, to their part, have already looked sharp in soft blue argyle sweaters during practice rounds. The remaining American looks will center around the typical trifecta of red, white and blue. (Gray on Day 2)

Above are the clothing selections for both teams; Greg Norman and the ol' INTL boys have provided a more complete day-by-day scripting, whereas you'll kind of have to wait to see what Freddy and Ashworth pull out of the closet daily for the Yanks.

I love these damn events - I'm so giddy...I feel like Billy Payne on Masters Sunday. Match to watch on Thursday, you ask? Tiger and Stricks vs. Ryo and Geoff?! USA!USA!USA!



Fancy Pants said...

The on-course clothing looks pretty sharp. Unfortunately, as is typical, the off course style looks a little behind. Granted there is probably nothing more American than khakis and a blue sports jacket, but can't they step it up a bit? 90% of the US team looked like they had been fitted at Sears. On the other hand Norman and the Euros had good looking, well cut suits (Zegna maybe?). What do you think; I'm willing to bet Norman asked for more than their suit size, he probably sent them to his tailor? (I bet at $500 million you could probably afford a good one.)

That should be worth at least a couple of points.

The Khaki Crusader said...

the americans looking crappy at the opening ceremonies is just a part of life ive come to accept, FP. the shiny geometric ties with the matching pocket squares were just awful.
meanwhile, you're right -- the euros looked sharp as usual. norman had a great pair of shoes on. amazing shade of brown.
H.W.'s speech was really entertaining.