Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Throwback

(AP Photo/Augusta National Golf Club)

Greg: "Arnie, don't trouble yourself, let me hit that shot..."

Arnie: (slapping his knee) "Ha! Greg, trusting you with a shot on the back nine at Augusta is like leaving Osama Bin Laden unattended in a fireworks store."

Jack: "Let's go Arnie...(to Norman) Sorry Greg, maybe that fourth martini wasn't such a good idea."

Monty in Dubai

(Photo courtesy of AP/Kamran Jebreili)
Check out the newly announced 2010 Ryder Cup captain cutting a striking figure against the dusty Dubai skyline. Really awesome photo. Monty has a lot on his plate after last year's US romp. Everyone get your fanciest Barbara Bush wig and your plane ticket to Wales and I'll see you at the Celtic Manor in a year and a half.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

More guys looking fantastic in blue

(Photos courtesy of AP/Kamran Jebreili)

I could go on about the merits of blue for days. A perfect blend of casual and formal, blue should really be the go-to-color for golfers everywhere wanting to look their best. I mean, if you want to get all matchy matchy on me, what goes best with green? I'd probably say browns, pinks and blues. Therefore, what's going to look best on the golf course huh? You got it. That's a simple formula for you. And you thought picking out an outfit for the member-guest was hard...that's what I'm here for.
Tony Q'aja really makes some good looking pants for Lee and Darren. One similarity I notice immediately with these guys is they keep the look from being too overdone by going with simple white headgear and shoes. It looks like Lee's pants have a cuff and if that's the case - I love it. I think more elements of classic style need to be brought into the golf wardrobe. We don't see enough tradtional materials out there. That's why I like Tony, he's bringing the wools, the cashmere/wool blends and other fabrics that can be just as light and comfortable as some microfiber, but are going to make you look a whole lot better.
Do yourself a favor and check out some of the 'bespoke' pants that Tony has made for Lee, Darren and others at While you're there check out the shot of Darren in a 3-piece purple velvet Q'aja suit and ask yourself, "Do I feel lucky?" Not sure what I mean, but it sounded good.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The mighty Recession Man is no match for these guys

(A very stylish group. Darren in Q'aja and Sergio and Justin in Adidas. )
(Photos courtesy of AP/Kamran Jebreili)
While Harvard MBAs stand on unemployment lines they must be kicking themselves saying, dammit I wish I spent that cash on lessons from Leadbetter. Nothing can stop the runaway money train that is professional golf. Sergio, Darren Clarke, Justin Rose and others were gathered in Dubai this week at the announcement that the Greg Norman designed 'Earth' course at the Jumeirah Golf Estates will host the $10 million (yes...10 million) dollar Dubai World Championship. Its a safe bet in any Dubai casino that this tournament is the reason why you'll be seeing giddy Americans teeing it up over in Europe this year. (Suddenly, it's looking like a possible 10 win season for Kenny Perry.) The top 60 players on the Race for Dubai money list (formerly the European Order of Merit) will qualify to tee it up for 10 million bananas in the desert oasis known for blatant ostentatiousness and exorbant oil money. A good gig, if you can get it. Sounds like a definite business trip for the KC, so expect to see me there. I'll be the guy in the pro shop holding a pair of trousers yelling "How many f*%king Dirhams did you say??!"

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Bucket of Lies!

Jesper in a porkpie
Bubba's Bucket

Chris Stroud

(Photos courtesy of AP/Chris Carlson/Matt York/Mark Avery)

People have been asking me lately. "KC, what do you think about all the PING guys wearing these big floppy bucket hats on the course when it isn't raining?" Of course you know my answer; I think they should be burned. Bucket hats, if they must be worn at all, are for a torrential downpour or if you've had a recent bout with melanoma. That is it. The only guy I could ever see getting away with it is Bubba Watson. a) his name is Bubba b) he hits it 300 miles off the tee and c) he's usually dressed pretty well otherwise. (See top photo) Anyways, the photo of Chris Stroud above is why the average person should not wear a bucket hat. Chris, you seem to be a handsome and intelligent young man, take that damn thing off. It looks like you sell maple syrup for a living. If you want to wear a hat that's different, channel Jesper in the pork pie; however please read clause 14a of how to wear a pork pie titled "It helps to be from Sweden"

Monday, January 26, 2009


(AP Photo/Koji Sasahara)

You read it here first back on December 5th that a US Invasion was imminent and now Ryo Ishikawa's US debut is mere months away. Augusta National has granted a special exemption to the 17 year old old Japanese phenom and KC-frequenter to compete in the 2009 Masters. Hello world. "I am Ryo Ishikawa." That's what all the kiddies will be saying. As usual, I was asked by most of the major worldwide media conglomerates if I had any style advice for Ryo before his US/Worldwide debut. I say to you Ryo, Button that top button on your dress shirt and learn how to tie a windsor knot my friend, you don't want to end up at the Champions Dinner in 2020 looking like a B-List celebrities' husband. Good luck to you!

I hate repetition...

(Both photos courtesy of AP/Peter Carlson)

...But I'm not going to stop posting Ryjui photos until someone out-dresses him. The guy is not only sharp, he's creative. Monochrome is cool, but we've seen that done over and over. The Golf Channel made a good point last night that nearly all the leaders on Sunday at the Hope were dressed head to foot in Gary Player black. (might have to call it 'Sergio Garcia' black soon...) No offense, but once third-tier players like John Merrick pick up on a trend, that trend is dead. Surprise us out there guys.
Your buddy,

Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh also, check this out...

I'm famous! F.H. Cooper in 1919 knew that some day, 90 years later, a saviour would emerge from the ranks to save golf style as we know it. I look pretty good in chainmail even though I don't wear it much. Note to author, it's Khaki Crusade-r, I roll solo...

Friday Throwback

(Photos courtesy of Ron Watts Private Collection)

This Friday I am giving you not one, but two badass photos. A young Golden Bear looking steely in pinstripes and the King channeling Michael Caine in aviators. See how classicly cool these guys looked before sponsorships? They both look like they're going to hit their shots, kick your ass, have a drink and steal your girlfriend - all in one graceful yet entirely manly motion.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sponsors that can't be considered "stylish"

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

Dear Briny,

What if you got struck by lightening tomorrow and the last thing anyone ever saw you in was that P.F. Chang's hat? I know I'd be pissed. I mean I'm sure the whole free dumplings for life thing sounded appealing when pen hit paper, but please have the rest of us in mind and consider changing sponsors and getting a decent baseball cap.

Peace and love brother,


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mr. Marty Hackel's Year End Style Review for Golf Digest

(AP Photo/Marco Garcia)

Be sure to check out Marty Hackel's (Golf Digest's reigning "Mr. Style") year-end review of 2008 golf fashions. It appears myself and Mr. Hackel have a similar eye. Marty-and I say this with complete and utter sincerity- How about a job? Let's spread the KC's message to the world; tight pants + crisp shots = higher understanding.

S(w)ingin' the blues?

(AP Photo/Marco Garcia)

I've been seeing alot of guys on tour wearing different shades of blue together in '09. I love this - it really looks great on anyone and navy trousers look so much richer to me than a black or dark gray. The best thing about this is you could also swap your blues - do a lighter blue trouser with a dark navy shirt - and it also looks great. On and off the course, you really can't go wrong with any shade of the blues...

Footjoy plays for keeps

The best golf shoe in the world, the Footjoy Classic Dry Premiere, has updated its stable for 08/09 to reflect the changing color schemes on Tour. All the shoes pictured above are NOT custom, they are from the regular rotation and are offered everywhere Classics are sold. Pretty wild. You can get Camilo's purple patent leather he wore at the PGA if you're feeling bold, or settle on the cool white blucher from above that goes with everything in your closet. My favorite is probably the green gator saddle, I just picked up a Druh belt that would look quite dapper with those. For the record I think the top shoe (light purple detail, too clunky looking) is heinous, I just wanted to show the vast range of colors available to today's golfer in an off-the-rack shoe.
(All photos courtesy of

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Request

AP Photo/Nousha Salimi

Dear Mr. Edfors,

Tuck in your shirt.

Thank you.

The KC

Charles Howell has the best colors for his golf shirts...

AP Photo/Marco Garcia

Love the shades of each of these. Wouldn't you agree? That light emerald shirt with the rich navy trouser in the top photo is a real winner.

10 Best Dressed Golfers - From

AP Photo of Walter Hagen

I found this piece last week on sure when it was written - I'm guessing a year or two ago. Its author, Farrell Evans, runs through his list of the "10 best dressed golfers of all time." There are notable exceptions (I feel) from the list, but Evans does include (4) current players on the list: Davis Love III (#7) Ian Poulter (#8) Jesper Parnevik (#9) and Camilo Villegas (#10) Love, Parnevik and Villegas are no-brainers for me. Poulter takes risks out there and because of that, he's had as many misses (Bronze metallic shirt at the Johnny Walker Classic) as he's had successes - he's the Doug Sanders of our time. (Doug is at #4 on the list.) Both guys have many outfits I would consider bordering on costumey in my opinion, which I'm really not a fan of, but when Ian hits home with something, it's fantastic to watch. (Having not had a chance to watch Doug in action, I can't really comment on his impact.) Hogan is #3, Jimmy Demaret at #2 and Walter Hagen at the top spot. I've heard stories about Hagen and he seems like a real sartorialist, but where's Bob Jones on this list? What about Arnie? Johnny Miller? Evans only had 10 slots, but it'd be hard to argue leaving these guys off the list. Anyways, it's a tour through golf fashion that's fairly interesting. Check it out.


Friday, January 16, 2009

FTB - Friday Throwback

(Photo courtesy of Ron Watts' Private Collection/Frank Christian)

One of my consultants at the KC reminded me that now that I was back up and running, I needed to bring back the Friday Throwback. To me, it doesn't get more stylish as a golfer and as a man than Arnold Palmer - he's golf's James Dean, but with longevity. This photo taken at the Bob Hope totally sums him up for me - smooth talking 3 bikini-clad girls before probably hitting one close out of the rough. The consumate showman. Yeah, it's 1977 by this point and he's getting on in years, but his three friends don't seem to mind.
Have a nice weekend.

On setting yourself apart

(Both photos courtesy of AP Photo/Marco Garcia)
The Japanese-Americans really have a strangle-hold on the belt game on Tour right now. Both Tadd Fujikawa and Ryuji Imada both wore belts that set them apart from everyone else on Thursday. Before I started seeing Ryuji wear these braided belts, I wasn't sure how I felt about them. Now I'm sold and am going to try and find some to purchase for myself. Tadd, meanwhile is wearing the PGA Tour's pre-requisite, the white belt - but on acid. The detailing sets it apart and makes it interesting. As I stated in an earlier post, these days in the belt world it's all about the strap itself - how can you set yourself apart?

Case in Point

( AP Photo/Marco Garcia)

Here is Luke in a cool, colorblock polo from RLX that may never make it onto shelves. I'm really not a fan of the "RLX" buckle that he always wears. I'm a traditionalist I suppose when it comes to buckles - medium sized and rather square is ideal. I suppose an oval isn't bad as long you're not going all Anthony Kim on me. A red and navy ribbon belt or a square, sterling silver buckle with a black strap would, in my opinion, look better here.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Gear

A tipped cardigan with white trousers from RLX Golf
A techincal knit pullover and black slim-fitting "Green pant" from RLX golf

A Lisle polo from Polo Golf

(All images courtesy of

Usually some of the new golf gear comes out this time of year in anticipation of late winter and early spring vacations, not to mention the PGA Merchandise show in Orlando in late Jan. and early Feb. I've been out poking around looking for stuff I like. Polo finally debuted some new stuff from both Polo Golf and RLX Golf. The RLX selection isn't there yet, but there's some cool stuff, the "Green" pants are cut a nice width I think and as you'd expect there's some modern golf outerwear that will turn heads at the club for its progressiveness, but is pricey and may not fit all body types. The thing that bothers me about RLX Golf is I'll see Luke Donald wearing something really cool on tour, but it's not available online or in stores. Usually, the Polo golf stuff you see Davis in, is available around the country in Pro shops or on One shirt I liked from the regular Polo line is the Lisle polo (pictured above) that looks non-descript, but hides a cool contrasting stripe under the collar for those days you forgot your sunblock and feel like flippin to protect your neck.

I'm looking forward to seeing the RLX polos for the spring as well as seeing more Polo golf gear coming out as spring draws nearer.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Button-down collars

( Photos courtesy of and AP/Brad Risberg)

I've been seeing a few companies doing "button-down" or "polo" collars on golf polos and I really like the concept. It keeps the collar nice and upright instead of flopping like many well-washed golf shirt-collars have the tendency to do. In fact, I've gone through life hating how many of what we've come to think of as "traditional" golf shirts lack a stable, sturdy collar. One reason I was always drawn to Peter Millar's shirts were their seemingly starchier collars that stood up to the wash.

Here is Camilo wearing a white J. Lindeberg "BD" polo.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spicing things up...

Accessories are going to continue to boom in 2009. Let's call 2008 the year of the belt buckle. I'm hoping 2009 will become the year of the.....Belt! Yes, I'm talking the strap itself. Let's see some creativity out there with the materials, the buckles (bigger isn't better) the styles, the colors. Now that we're dressing more seriously out there boys, let's get some shoes, belts and little details that jump. First place to stop has got to be Druh Belt's and Buckles. Simon Hurd, an Asian Tour professional, is churning out these handmade belts and they are the real deal. I just got 3 belts not long ago and besides the phenomenal color selection (everything from classic brown croc to teal watersnake) they are, in my opinion, the perfect width for a golf belt. At 100-150 dollars US, a Druh belt has to be on every golfer's must-have list for 2009. (And bypass the white leather for something a little more adventurous please - how about navy blue snake?)


2009: KC's Player to Watch

(The above photos courtesy of AP/Eric Reisberg)

Camilo? Sergio? Luke Donald? Nope! The guy for young, stylish golfers everywhere to watch in 2009 is Ryuji Imada. Find me another guy on tour wearing a braided belt and keeping it youthful and fresh like Ryuji does in the above photo. I've been singing the guy's praises for sometime now, but this is Ryuji's year. He experiments out there, but doesn't stray too far from classic pieces and doesn't look like he's trying too hard. (Read: Poulter)
Keep it up Mr. Imada.
-The KC

Ohhh Nine

(All photos courtesy of AP/Eric Reisberg)

Well, the little issue I was facing is over and the Khak is back for the time being... back for another season of golf style. I'm so excited I might have to change my Lindebergs. Okay, well, how can you not get pumped for the Mercedes? It's always an awesome show out there with lots of birdies and one of the coolest 18th holes around. But for the sake of the Khaki Crusader and you, his reader, let's discuss what we might be seeing on the links when the boys tee it up for another go round chasing the 2009 FedEx Cup.

You guys know I always talk about how golf fashions are really beginning to mirror those we're seeing on the streets. Alot of attention has been given to the fact that today's street and runway fashion is reflecting and encompassing the current economic and social situations in the world; sobering, even somber, but most importantly Serious. I think golf in 2009 will follow suit. The thing that hit me most in Hawaii were the colors. I'm seeing alot of white, black, gray and blues. Yes you have your lime greens, pinks and electric yellows, but in my opinion, we're seeing alot less than what we've seen in the past. Golf clothing is becoming sensible. In the 90's, if you wore a "golf shirt" - it'd be tough to throw a blazer on and go into dinner because the shirt probably had some awful pattern on it. We're seeing alot more transitional pieces, solid pieces, classic patterns for trousers - golf is a stylish game and 2009 will be a stylish year. Mark my words. We're going to be seeing some great things and an overall "tightening up" of the men's golf wardrobe. I'm not talking fit, I'm talking sensibility. But let's face it - the fit is coming along too.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The KC has been on a bit of a hiatus, but I hope to be back to regular posting when the PGA Tour kicks off this week in Hawaii at the Mercedes.