Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Spicing things up...

Accessories are going to continue to boom in 2009. Let's call 2008 the year of the belt buckle. I'm hoping 2009 will become the year of the.....Belt! Yes, I'm talking the strap itself. Let's see some creativity out there with the materials, the buckles (bigger isn't better) the styles, the colors. Now that we're dressing more seriously out there boys, let's get some shoes, belts and little details that jump. First place to stop has got to be Druh Belt's and Buckles. http://www.druhbeltsandbuckles.com/ Simon Hurd, an Asian Tour professional, is churning out these handmade belts and they are the real deal. I just got 3 belts not long ago and besides the phenomenal color selection (everything from classic brown croc to teal watersnake) they are, in my opinion, the perfect width for a golf belt. At 100-150 dollars US, a Druh belt has to be on every golfer's must-have list for 2009. (And bypass the white leather for something a little more adventurous please - how about navy blue snake?)


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