Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Bucket of Lies!

Jesper in a porkpie
Bubba's Bucket

Chris Stroud

(Photos courtesy of AP/Chris Carlson/Matt York/Mark Avery)

People have been asking me lately. "KC, what do you think about all the PING guys wearing these big floppy bucket hats on the course when it isn't raining?" Of course you know my answer; I think they should be burned. Bucket hats, if they must be worn at all, are for a torrential downpour or if you've had a recent bout with melanoma. That is it. The only guy I could ever see getting away with it is Bubba Watson. a) his name is Bubba b) he hits it 300 miles off the tee and c) he's usually dressed pretty well otherwise. (See top photo) Anyways, the photo of Chris Stroud above is why the average person should not wear a bucket hat. Chris, you seem to be a handsome and intelligent young man, take that damn thing off. It looks like you sell maple syrup for a living. If you want to wear a hat that's different, channel Jesper in the pork pie; however please read clause 14a of how to wear a pork pie titled "It helps to be from Sweden"

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