Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ohhh Nine

(All photos courtesy of AP/Eric Reisberg)

Well, the little issue I was facing is over and the Khak is back for the time being... back for another season of golf style. I'm so excited I might have to change my Lindebergs. Okay, well, how can you not get pumped for the Mercedes? It's always an awesome show out there with lots of birdies and one of the coolest 18th holes around. But for the sake of the Khaki Crusader and you, his reader, let's discuss what we might be seeing on the links when the boys tee it up for another go round chasing the 2009 FedEx Cup.

You guys know I always talk about how golf fashions are really beginning to mirror those we're seeing on the streets. Alot of attention has been given to the fact that today's street and runway fashion is reflecting and encompassing the current economic and social situations in the world; sobering, even somber, but most importantly Serious. I think golf in 2009 will follow suit. The thing that hit me most in Hawaii were the colors. I'm seeing alot of white, black, gray and blues. Yes you have your lime greens, pinks and electric yellows, but in my opinion, we're seeing alot less than what we've seen in the past. Golf clothing is becoming sensible. In the 90's, if you wore a "golf shirt" - it'd be tough to throw a blazer on and go into dinner because the shirt probably had some awful pattern on it. We're seeing alot more transitional pieces, solid pieces, classic patterns for trousers - golf is a stylish game and 2009 will be a stylish year. Mark my words. We're going to be seeing some great things and an overall "tightening up" of the men's golf wardrobe. I'm not talking fit, I'm talking sensibility. But let's face it - the fit is coming along too.

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