Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Gear

A tipped cardigan with white trousers from RLX Golf
A techincal knit pullover and black slim-fitting "Green pant" from RLX golf

A Lisle polo from Polo Golf

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Usually some of the new golf gear comes out this time of year in anticipation of late winter and early spring vacations, not to mention the PGA Merchandise show in Orlando in late Jan. and early Feb. I've been out poking around looking for stuff I like. Polo finally debuted some new stuff from both Polo Golf and RLX Golf. The RLX selection isn't there yet, but there's some cool stuff, the "Green" pants are cut a nice width I think and as you'd expect there's some modern golf outerwear that will turn heads at the club for its progressiveness, but is pricey and may not fit all body types. The thing that bothers me about RLX Golf is I'll see Luke Donald wearing something really cool on tour, but it's not available online or in stores. Usually, the Polo golf stuff you see Davis in, is available around the country in Pro shops or on One shirt I liked from the regular Polo line is the Lisle polo (pictured above) that looks non-descript, but hides a cool contrasting stripe under the collar for those days you forgot your sunblock and feel like flippin to protect your neck.

I'm looking forward to seeing the RLX polos for the spring as well as seeing more Polo golf gear coming out as spring draws nearer.

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