Tuesday, January 20, 2009

10 Best Dressed Golfers - From golf.com/SI/CNN

AP Photo of Walter Hagen

I found this piece last week on golf.com...not sure when it was written - I'm guessing a year or two ago. Its author, Farrell Evans, runs through his list of the "10 best dressed golfers of all time." There are notable exceptions (I feel) from the list, but Evans does include (4) current players on the list: Davis Love III (#7) Ian Poulter (#8) Jesper Parnevik (#9) and Camilo Villegas (#10) Love, Parnevik and Villegas are no-brainers for me. Poulter takes risks out there and because of that, he's had as many misses (Bronze metallic shirt at the Johnny Walker Classic) as he's had successes - he's the Doug Sanders of our time. (Doug is at #4 on the list.) Both guys have many outfits I would consider bordering on costumey in my opinion, which I'm really not a fan of, but when Ian hits home with something, it's fantastic to watch. (Having not had a chance to watch Doug in action, I can't really comment on his impact.) Hogan is #3, Jimmy Demaret at #2 and Walter Hagen at the top spot. I've heard stories about Hagen and he seems like a real sartorialist, but where's Bob Jones on this list? What about Arnie? Johnny Miller? Evans only had 10 slots, but it'd be hard to argue leaving these guys off the list. Anyways, it's a tour through golf fashion that's fairly interesting. Check it out.


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