Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Footjoy plays for keeps

The best golf shoe in the world, the Footjoy Classic Dry Premiere, has updated its stable for 08/09 to reflect the changing color schemes on Tour. All the shoes pictured above are NOT custom, they are from the regular rotation and are offered everywhere Classics are sold. Pretty wild. You can get Camilo's purple patent leather he wore at the PGA if you're feeling bold, or settle on the cool white blucher from above that goes with everything in your closet. My favorite is probably the green gator saddle, I just picked up a Druh belt that would look quite dapper with those. For the record I think the top shoe (light purple detail, too clunky looking) is heinous, I just wanted to show the vast range of colors available to today's golfer in an off-the-rack shoe.
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