Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dunning Tour Slim-Fit Polos

Ralph Dunning and his team have some exciting product coming out next year and one of the newcomers is the Tour Slim-Fit Polo. Designed with 60's tailoring in mind, the polo is cut very close to the body. Besides being extremely comfortable and lightweight (performance poly) they are the perfect pattern for a thinner guy like myself (look at the side shot and the absence of any excess material in the body/the length and width of the sleeve and where it hits on the bicep.) The solid polos are great-looking and extremely versatile - look for striped offerings in the future. A warning: You may need to upgrade your trouser collection when you try one of these babies on... those fat, old khakis won't work anymore.  

It's great to see brands continuing to push slimmer-fitting stuff. The emphasis on fashions of the 60's and 70's in golf apparel is really bringing 'fit' back into a game that had, for many years, lost its shape. Obviously, as a slimmer guy, I'm looking for the more radical approaches to close-fitting golf apparel - but companies everywhere are subtly cutting material from seats and crotches and hacking away at polos - not enough to alienate returning customers, but enough to see a benefit in streamlining the overall shape. I've talked with apparel companies whose demographics start at 45 and 50 years old and they are taking the fit movement into account as much as anyone. We're all looking better for it, too. So, keep it coming...

(Yes, it was about 20 degrees out when I took these snaps... True dedication to my craft, I suppose...)



Paul said...

Got a couple of Dunning shirts for Christmas - hope they work out OK. Nice Blog btw.

Anonymous said...

Great blog for a fantastic, much-needed subject.

Did you wear your normal size in the slim-fit polo or size up? And what slacks are you wearing in this pic?


The Khaki Crusader said...

hey anon,


i got my regular size for slimmer golf clothing. these shirts are mediums.

the trousers i actually designed myself. i'm hoping to get them into production eventually.