Friday, December 18, 2009

Introducing: Ukko

(Photos the sole property of Ukko)

Ukko is a London-based apparel company that exudes some serious British flair - aimed at clothing its' customer both on the course and off. When I look at these images, I can't help but see Topshop for the fairways - which is a pretty cool concept. The stuff is affordable, with polos around $50 US, sweaters around $100. ("Jumpers," if you will, mate...) 

It appears in their short history, they've already amassed a following of local professionals and they have their own actively managed and frequently posted-to blog

I've reached out to team Ukko to get some info on what they're all about. In the meantime, enjoy the photos of their first collection...

P.S. - If you're digging this stuff, you have to read yesterday's post. 



Anonymous said...

Ukko appears to have launched with big ideas and very little in the way of product! Serious players in any apparel market need to back up all the blarney. As yet Ukko seem a little short. A few bits of knitwear here, and a polo shirt there. Plus a couple of pairs of socks don't add up to much of a range. Blogs and ambassadors, while sounding and indeed looking the part, don't make up for a distinct lack of clothes! I wish Ukko well but fear the worst.

Anonymous said...

With reference to a comment left on the Separation Anxiety post yesterday. Ukko looks like another uniform manufacturer with a logo.

Anonymous said...

Its nice but its not saying anything is it. Were is the edge...its a bit so what? They are only 2 minutes old and they look like all the rest of the young conservative golf lines. Travis Mathew is another one, its says nothing!