Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My buddy JP sent me this photo of Gary Player (left, observing) and Tony Jacklin at the Portland Country Club, in Falmouth, Maine - the town I grew up in and a course I'm very familiar with. 

I'm in awe of Player in this photo. I was just having a conversation with Ralph Dunning of Dunning Sportswear and he described a certain silhouette they were aspiring to as "James Bond-like." To me, Player is the epitomy of that perfectly trim, Bond look here. Check out the sleeve-length that shows off the strength in his arms and the crisp, white trouser - and that hair! 

I also love how much of Jacklin's socks are showing as he sets at the top of his swing. This is one of my favorite vintage golf photos we've come across. Two gentlemen out for a good walk spoiled.



Chapeau Noir said...

What a great find! What year do you put this at? Late sixties?

Anonymous said...

There are no new ideas in fashion. Just recycled ones! Old school style with modern fabric and attitude.

Anonymous said...

Old school players to new school fools/ the KC keep it jumpin like kangaroos/
but skew it on the bar-b we ain't tryin to lose/
Say I be god damnit they done changed the rules'