Monday, December 7, 2009


(Photos the sole property of Getty Images)

Graeme McDowell always looks sharp on the course in his Q'aja, but Sunday at the Chevron World Challenge he really stood out - in a tough-to-pull-off, muted fall ensemble. The soft gray cardigan with the lavender polo, the off-white trouser and shield-tip FJs were the epitome of elegance.

Something to consider - lighter colors for fall. It can be a great look if done well. If you're going for an all-muted look like Graeme, consider the fact that the fit must be perfect or you'll risk looking severely dated. That's why I love this side-shot of Graeme - there is no excess material hanging from the sweater or the pant - just crisp lines everywhere. 

Another note: You absolutely cannot go wrong with purple and gray - you can go much darker than Graeme. Play with different hues and textures of both and you'll always look positively regal. 



Oscar (Sweden) said...

I feel I just have to comment on this blog. Found my way here about and hour ago and since then I've been looking through all your posts and it's really pleasant reading and gives me a lot of inspiration. I'm a fashion interested golfer aswell, so I'll be following your blog eagerly from now on.
You "Turnberry Day - KC's Selections" posts were really great, it's hard to get inspiration on how to match clothing well so those posts really gave me some ideas! Thanks!

klehrkeyes said...

This look is amazingly crisp. With light colors normally reserved for spring it somehow is monochromed enough to be acceptable for winter the winter season.

Anonymous said...

Graeme would not get the chance to prance around in pastels back home in NI, and in December. Mind you he sounds more American every week. Perhaps there's something in the water over there! Dress like a man, an Irishman at that. The boy has gone soft in his head.

Anonymous said...

White shoes and slacks in winter. Not where I live. Dream on.