Friday, January 29, 2010

Jessy Heuvelink @ J.Lindeberg

J.Lindeberg’s new golf design director, Jessy Heuvelink, has just the fashion-schizophrenic pedigree needed to shape the Swedish brand that’s been pushing golf style forward for more than a decade. After stints in Adidas’ German headquarters and in Christian Lacroix’s haute couture atelier in Paris, Heuvelink has new muse … and it comes in the chiseled shape of Camilo Villegas. Here are some of the highlights of our meeting with Heuvelink at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando...

Q: Over the years, J.Lindeberg has been alternately all about color, or a particular silhouette, what’s driving J.Lindeberg right now?

J.H.: Right now, J.Lindeberg is not about a revolution, but an evolution. We’re going back to our roots to bring style to the golf course with pieces no one has ever seen before, like a waterproof, tech blazer we’ve created that has the look of a traditional blazer, but you can play golf in it.”

Q: Is it wrong to say JL is only for the super slim? Pardon the pun, but is the line broader than that?

J.H.: "We do have that reputation, but the truth is we have pieces all kinds of shapes can wear. Some pieces, however, are done with a design twist that can make them seem like they’re cut smaller. I’ve often said, when some bigger guys wear JL, they can, in fact, appear trimmer than they really are."

Q: We’re looking at a collection that will hit stores in the early summer, what was your inspiration here?

J.H.: "Tailoring. Classic menswear patterns, like big plaids, houndstooths and pinstripes, yet made modern in technical fabrics. The play between the old traditions and the new..."

-Annmarie Dodd

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