Saturday, January 9, 2010

Aussie Inked?

(Photo the sole property of Getty Images)

The Geoff Ogilvy clothing riddle has been solved... 

As rumored, Geoff plans to sign with So Cal apparel brand - and recent KC feature - Travis Mathew

Geoff will wear T.M. clothing, sans logos, until the deal is announced officially. 

Trustworthy sources also reveal that T.M. will unveil two other big name sponsees in the coming weeks. So, be sure to look out for that... In fact, just look out for Travis Mathew in 2010, period. T.M. is coming out of the gate hard after successful '09 sales numbers and looking towards building a major stable of guys that reflect their brand's aesthetic.



CaptainSpaulding said...

Lots of new apparel buzz in the early 2010 season. I noticed watching the SBS Championship that Nick Watney signed a deal with Hugo Boss. Good choice. Looks like they have their first American golfer. About time!

I think HB is going to be making a stronger presence in the US this year. I for one look forward to that

Anonymous said...

Another boring pro wearing another boring clothing line.