Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2 New Apparel Companies Bust Out on 2010 PGA Tour


Richard S. Johnson in Abacus

-Swedish apparel brand, Abacus, has signed fellow Swede and former JL guy, Richard S. Johnson, to sport their looks on the European and PGA Tours. US customers may not be familiar yet with Abacus, but they've already been featured as the outerwear sponsor for the Euro side in the Solheim Cup last summer, are headed to the PGA Show and, of course, have been featured several times here on the KC... I really like the Nordic attitude of the clothing and the focus on making 'golf' apparel that really can be worn anywhere as sportswear with an emphasis on transitional pieces that thrive in a variety of weather... I've already conducted an interview with Abacus CEO, Sven-Olof Karlsson - which will be featured shortly - and I plan to sit with Abacus a week from Friday at the PGA Show to see the collections. Stay tuned for more on this...

-Flare apparel - trousers and shirts - is a brand-spanking new venture out of Tulsa. So new, it appears, that they do not have a website. Their pitchman on the 2010 Tour will be Bo Van Pelt, who has apparently been given a stake in the company in exchange for wearing the clothing. The shirts feature an interesting 'v' shaped cut-out on the sleeve and the color scheme is bright and bold. (See shots here of Bo in Flare, courtesy of Getty.) Currently working on gathering more info on these guys and their plans...



Anonymous said...

Only in America would you thing Abacus was new!?

Good write up mind you.

Flare Apparel looks exiting!!? How do you start a company based on the same shirt as everyone else but you cut a v into the sleeve.... earth shattering new creative design!

Quite like the name though.

The Khaki Crusader said...

Anon - I'm aware Abacus has been around in Europe, but most US golfers will not be familiar with them. I think it's cool they are coming to the PGA Show and making a push to expand over here. What do you think of the stuff from what they've been putting out over there?



Savile Joe said...

Really liking the Abacus range, looks a lot sharper than the Galvin Green gear I'm getting fed up wearing. Will be getting my hands on a pair of the blue tartan trousers! Glad I found your blog KC, keep it up.
Savile Joe

Ivãnia Santos by DIAMOND said...

Great Blog!!



Anonymous said...

You know its improved recently but it still has something missing. It lacks edge, character and is still very much so what. Its improved and they are going in the right direction but I would only wear one or two pieces if pushed. The character is still missing and the name doesn't help Abacus...not cool.

They are making progress though. Seen a lot worse...like RLX!! LOL

The Khaki Crusader said...


Thanks for the points on Abacus.

Our opinions most certainly differ on RLX... What brands do you wear and like?


Anonymous said...

Pretty dull! The odd Black an white photo and use of a scarf can't hide the fact. I have looked on the Abacus website, and there is promise. But, I won't be buying.

Anonymous said...

I viewed the Abacus SS10 collection a while back last year and they do have some nice pieces. It's not the strongest but I do believe these guys are heading in the right direction. I do question some of the price points and where they will finally establish themselves in the marketplace. Like a previous view i'm not sold on the name but how many people said that with Galvin Green when that brand first launched.... I do like the symbol as it's one of those brands people will know better by logo than by name - which can be cool. There is a big emphasise on their pants as seemingly a guy who was designer for Oscar Jacobson has joined the brand.... They are very much lifestyle but they have stiff competition from their fellow Scandinavian sport brands such as Peak Performance..... Time will tell