Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fun With Captions

(Photo the property of The Associated Press)

Camilo: "Holy sh#t! Is that the KC in handcuffs?"

Ryo: "Yep. Guess the cops caught him trying to find a buyer for those unreleased Henrik Stenson underwear photos..."

Camilo: "Sick bastard..."


TXQ said...

Camilo: "Hey, is that the KC?"

Ryo: "Jeez. You'd think just once he'd buy a damn ticket rather than sneak through the woods."

The Khaki Crusader said...

much better than my crappy caption, tq...

Anonymous said...

Camilo:" Yeah, Ryo I told you once, the European tour is that way."

Ryo:"But that's east, I just came from there!"

Camillo:" Well stick around friend. You'll be fine in those threads next week, the LPGA is in town!"

CaptainSpaulding said...

Camilo: "Look, it's Poulter, and he looks pretty pissed!"

Ryo "Sorry man...I thought you wouldn't mind me going through your locker"