Tuesday, September 15, 2009

KC First Look: JL Shoes

(Photos the property of J. Lindeberg/Trendygolf)

J. Lindeberg, being the lifestyle brand that it is, was more than due for its own shoe release to compliment the apparel collections. Come next spring, the wait is over. JL introduces several models of golf shoes that, in black and white, effortlessly play their way into most fashionable player's wardrobes. It goes without saying (so we will) that they are heavy on euro-styling and not for everyone - but true JL followers will want to add a pair of these to their arsenal. They are available for Spring 2010 pre-order at the U.K. arm of Trendygolf.com -- Yours for 85 Euros now and 85 Euros on delivery.

While you're on the site, make sure to check out the JL by Vega iron sets, also available for spring 2010 pre-order. Now your clubs can look as smart as you. Imagine that.

Hopefully JL will request a KC Shoe review...C'mon, everyone's doing it. Let's face it, you're no one until the KC reviews you...Perhaps that's taking it a bit far, but hey, we're dramatic guys.



Fancy Pants said...

I like them a lot, simple but stylish. Classic designs on the Brogue and a bit more contemporary on the Bridge. Also impressed that the pricing is relatively reasonable for designer shoes. The problem with a clothing designer coming out with a shoe line is that the comfort and quality is always a bit iffy; both of which are essential in golf shoes. That's the one thing about Footjoy, you always know what you're getting.

By the way KC the shoes are now up on the US Trendy Golf site for $137.50, with a %50 deposit due now, the rest payable on delivery. Pretty nifty little deal there.

The Khaki Crusader said...

thanks FP for the update. that is a really good deal. i agree on the first-offs of apparel companies developing a shoe. if they are right up there with the big boys on comfort, it'll be really hard to turn away from that reasonable price tag.

Hack said...

These look tight my man. I kind of would lean towards this pair but overall a nice effort by JL: http://www.trendygolfusa.com/dyn/product/large_popup_1921.jpg