Thursday, September 24, 2009

I.J.P. -- A Leg Up on the Competition?

(Photo the property of IJP Designs/sourced from the Apparel Wire/AP Photo)

While we've never been huge into tartans at the KC, we can give props to a lad-in-plaid -- and Ian Poulter is one who deserves it. His dedication to the clothing company that bears his name has produced a quite impressive collection in only its fifth season of production.

When Poults and his team design the collections for IJP Designs, they start below the waist-- with Poulter's infamous tartan trousers (bootleg, of course) -- and coordinate the color palettes for the remaining pieces.

IJPD puts out 3 custom tartans per season and the cut sheets above are the A/W 2009 selections. From left to right: jet black/plum, Bugatti blue/indigo and marshmallow/mocha. Tasty. The golf tees represent coordinating polos, jumpers etc. from the collection.

In our opinion, Poulter should just cut through the BS right now and sign Ryo Ishikawa to wear his clothing -- its going to happen somewhere down the road anyway and he'd move serious units in Japan with the 'Bashful Prince' on the payroll.



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Ottawa Golf Blog said...

I could definitely see Ryo wearing the Poulter brand. The three plaid designs this year were spot on.