Wednesday, September 9, 2009


(Photos the property of the Associated Press, Puma, Trendygolf, Sligo/Fairwaystyles)

Hello, all you fine, golf style people. It's nice to be back. We've got a lot on deck this month and have been busy checking out all the new clothing for fall/winter.
Our first impressions? The attention to detail has been brought to the next level with companies trying to out-tech each other and score points for creativity. The amount of great golf apparel out there is only growing and it is exciting to watch.

Perennial KC favorites have come out swinging as usual; Puma, J. Lindeberg and RLX have already debuted a bunch of new apparel that offers what we like to call progressive familiarity - tweaking old favorites that keep customers coming back - while slipping in new and exciting additions to the lineup.
Graphic polos are huge right now in fall collections. Graphic and print-happy golfers can get their fill with the JL, Nike and Sligo offerings pictured above.

The crowned prince of prints and patterns, however:
Puma. Geoff Ogilvy has more geometry on his mind than an MIT freshman. Puma has been churning out its beloved geometrically focused polos and knits to a receptive younger demographic for several years now and they are sticking to what has worked.

Lindeberg, meanwhile, sheds last fall's more muted offerings - bringing out the bright yellows, corals and deep blues. It's nice to see them back in their golf comfort zone and the result is some great looking stuff.

We have a busy few weeks here and will be checking back in frequently with updates. Among the things to come: A trip to Ralph Lauren to catch up with the Polo Golf and RLX teams, lots of exclusive news on the new fall 2009 and spring 2010 collections, hopefully some gear reviews and much more!


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Ogilvy's shirt style has graffiti written all over it.