Friday, September 18, 2009

Icon: Setting the Record Straight

(Photo the property of FootJoy/Acushnet)

I was going over archived material today and realized that I mentioned several times that the Icon would never be the shoe the Classic was. (I know FootJoy does not want me to compare them or say that the Icon replaced the Classic, but as the Icon is the new flagship - comparisons are inevitable, sorry boys and girls...)

I wanted to clarify after now playing many rounds in the Icon that it is, by far, the best golf shoe I've ever worn  in terms of comfort and performance - a step above the Classic DP without question. But I was especially feeling like an idiot when a new pair of Classic Tours I had ordered on closeout arrived. They look like fricking clown shoes compared to the sleek top line and contours of the Icon. And since I author a blog on golf fashion, you can imagine how much aesthetics mean to me...

I wanted to first apologize for doubting the good folks at FootJoy - for announcing that they were making an error with this new design. I also wanted to note that the KC was especially hasty in denouncing these "filthy Icons" as the "Classic Killer." The Classic will live on as one of the greatest shoes of all time - but the advances made in the Icon are necessary for the updated game and fashions we see on the course today. 

I'll admit, as a closet genius and links fashion maven, I'm rarely wrong...but I did the ol' FJ clan wrong and, in an attempt not to become a golf style version of Kanye West, all I can say is that I hope our recent stellar review of the Icon put all previous statements and notions to bed. 


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