Thursday, November 13, 2008

Retro Stripe

(AP/Isaac Brekken photo)

I like all the retro looks we are seeing from golf apparel manufacturers. Here is Stewart Cink wearing a 70's looking stripe from Nike. These are great because they're basic. We went through a period of busy-ness in the 90's on tour. (Think bad diamond shaped patterns and Tabasco shirts) If you owned or still own a Tabasco shirt though, you're probably not a regular reader of this blog. Sorry Woody.


Anonymous said...

I followed Woody for four holes at the DB this fall. He nearly blew up several times as a member of the gallery (a small man with ginger hair) was congratulating him on how "clinical" his game was.

More to the point... He was rocking a classic Florida sunset shirt.

Jack Piper said...

Yeah, I hear Woody is real salty dude on the tour.

I like that Cink shirt. Kind of reminds me of a 70s 'Stros Jersey that Sean Carter would wear.

The Khaki Crusader said...

great call pipes, very nolan ryan no-hitter in '81

Raffa said...

Aqua Man is wild