Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Golf is a game of layers

( ESPN/AP Photo) Sergio Garcia
(ESPN/AP Photo) Michael Letzig

(ESPN/AP Photo) Justin Rose
When the temps drop on tour, we tend to see this "combo" look alot. Growing up playing junior and high school golf in Maine, we used to throw a long sleeved cotton shirt under a golf shirt quite often - achieving the look that Letzig has above. Nowadays, you're seeing alot of the younger guys sporting more athletic-fitting synthetic fibered shirts that fit very close to the body and keep in warmth while wicking moisture. Sergio and Justin favor this approach.
I think both approaches can look great, however, as I preach often you need to make sure to proportion everything correctly. If you're wearing a slimmer fitting modern golf polo - you cant have a billowy LS cotton shirt underneath. It will look wrong. You can't go wrong following the examples above - if you're working with a closet full of more traditional golf shirts (Letzig) or if you've adopted a more modern sillouette (Sergio and Justin.)

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