Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Boss Weekend?

(Photo of Ben Crane the sole property of Getty Images)

As Hugo Boss' Green Label makes its re-entry into the American golf market, they couldn't have asked for a better few days...

After being one of the most talked about items at the PGA Merchandise Show - their first since 2002 - Ben Crane added an exclamation point with a victory at Torrey Pines on Sunday wearing the collection. Crane was an off-season acquisition for the German brand, who also picked up 2-time Tour winner Nick Watney.

Team KC swung by the Hugo Boss booth on Thursday morning and previewed the fall offerings. We left with a few noteworthy morsels:

- One of HB's plans is to offer totally seamless offerings to the US and EU markets - if you see Henrik Stenson in a Euro Tour event wearing a golf shirt or trousers from the brand - odds are, you won't have any trouble finding it on US shelves... This makes consumers very happy.

- The Green Label strives to create that perception as a 'fashion' line that happens to be golf-friendly, in the sense that all of the items could easily be worn as street/casual wear, but happen to be in the "golf" collection. It's all about transitional pieces these days and everyone is talking about how to get guys from the first tee to the clubhouse to the town in the same garment. It's challenging, but fun and Hugo Boss is looking towards that kind of inspiration with emphasis on pieces like stylish outerwear, colorful polos and soft-spike golf shoes that look just as appropriate in Soho as they do at St. Andrews. Hugo Boss, as brands like J. Lindeberg have done in the past, offers shirts with a Tour distinction (which carry larger TV-friendly logos) to accompany their more traditional and subtly-branded polo shirts.

- Additionally, Hugo Boss is offering their first women's collection - and while it appears a fairly safe introductory entry into the market, it's a much-anticipated designer brand that enhances the ladies golf fashion scope and offers a lot of potential for future development...

Look for Hugo Boss making appearances on more US shelves this summer. Of course, you can also purchase at TrendyGolf and other online retailers.



CaptainSpaulding said...

YES!!! Fantastic news. 2010 will also be the launch of the Hugo Boss online website US version!!

Can't wait to see the new duds and be able to grab the ones the pros wear :)

Anonymous said...

We in Europe are sick to death of Hugo Boss. The fictitious designer has been trotting out the same apparel, since a young Bernhard Langer introduced the brand to golf . This hot on the heels of some great exposure for Boss during the 1st Rocky Movie. Just like Sly, Hugo is past his use buy date!

Anonymous said...

Boss... this stuff is for boars! People who drive Mercedes Benz...young old guys!!!

There latest products are jumpers that are shower proof! What? This smacks of a massive lack of design ability!! When brands start to provide technical solutions to problems that don't exist it tells you there customers will eat anything and the brand knows it.

Boss...couldn't give it to my Dad for his birthday.